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How To: Attach Files to Products via Import

In MustBuy, you can attach files to products (for example, instructions or diagrams). To do this, you need the Attachments add-on. Normally, you can attach a file in the settings of any product, but if there are lots of products and files, it’s easier to do this using product import.

Before importing products with files, you need to upload those files somewhere. There are two options for where to store them:

  • on an external server or servers (to save space on your store’s server);
  • directly on your store’s server (you can upload files using the File editor).

Uploading Files to an External Server

When a customer wants to download the file from the storefront, he will get it not from your store, but from the place where the file is stored.

  1. Upload your files to any file hosting service.

  2. Specify the links to your files in the imported file; for example:
  3. Go to Add-ons → Manage add-ons.

  4. Find the Attachments add-on in the list, and click its name to open the settings.

  5. Make sure the Save attachments to your server checkbox is unticked. It means that attachments listed as URLs in the imported file will remain on the external server, and won’t be copied to your store’s server.

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