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How To: Import Images for Products

A product in MustBuy can have multiple images. To add images for a product, you normally need to open the product editing page, drag and drop the images into the special area, and save the changes. It’s a fast way, but sometimes admins need to update images for a large number of products at once. In this case they use product import. This article describes how to import images together with products.

In most cases, images must be uploaded to the server of your store before you can import them.


Ways to Upload Images

Before you can import the images, you need to upload them. You can do it via:

  • the built-in File editor.

File Editor

Let’s assume that we want to upload some images for products. They need to be added to the Private files section, into a special directory: exim/backup/images.

  1. Go to Administration → Files in the admin panel of your store.

  2. Choose the Private files section.

  3. Go to the exim/backup/images directory; if it isn’t there, create it.

  4. Upload your images into that directory. You can simply drag your images and drop them in the file area.

    Congratulations! Our images are now located in exim/backup/images, and we can refer to them in an imported file.

Ways to Specify Images in Imported Files

There are multiple ways to specify where MustBuy should look for images.

  • Way 1. An image URL like

    The URL doesn’t have to lead to your store—you can upload images to an image hosting service and use those URLs. The images will be copied to your server automatically during import.

  • Way 2. An absolute path from the root directory of your server to the image file. For example: /path/to/cs-cart/var/files/1/test_image.jpg.

  • Way 3. A relative path to the image file from the Private files section. For example: import/test_image.jpg.

  • Way 4. Only the name of the image file: test_image.jpg.

    In this case you’ll need to specify the path to image files in the CS-Cart administration panel: there is a special field called Images directory.

    The value of the Images directory is ignored for Ways 1 – 3.


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