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What is Stripe Connect and How to use it on Mustbuy?

Stripe Connect is the preferred payment solution for a Mustbuy Seller to receive their payment from the buyer in real-time. Mustbuy Seller 6% fee will also be deducted in real-time once the buyer payment flows on Mustbuy platform transactions.

How does Stripe Connect work?

  • Stripe Connect requires each user to have an individual Stripe account for transactions in a marketplace (e.g.
  • Users can either create a new account or add an existing Stripe account to the marketplace during registration.

Benefits 1

Instant onboarding and verification – The Stripe Connect API follows dynamic KYC checks, real-time screening, and other sanctions to approve new users. Moreover, it offers instant onboarding for existing businesses and individuals already using Stripe.

Secure – The payment method is globally licensed, compiles with PCI DDS Level 1 certification, and uses account tracking technology with instant disablement to prevent fraudulent users.

Smart payouts – Collect commissions, schedule payouts, and automatically transfer funds from buyer to seller instantly. Payouts by Connect eliminate the need to track and transfer funds manually.

To learn more about Stripe Connect: 

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